Since 2009, Cory has always made himself available to speak to you and answer any questions or concerns you may have concerning your situation, because we know it’s important to you, the customer, to be able to speak to and have a relationship during your service with a real live expert and not a desk secretary.

We use up to date and fantastic aethstetic products from multiple vendors. Many of these products are directly designed to enforce our nuisance animal evictions.

We hold a valid license for Animal Damage Control issued to us by the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency, Licensed with the secretary of state and carry a large insurance policy. We also have extensive training. We are not a team of “Cousin Larrys” but a ever evolving and innovative cast of crew. We take pride in the fact we are family owned and operated and not a “turn key franchise”. We are fully invested into our communities such as Nashville, lovely Brentwood, Franklin and the every growing Spring Hill and Columbia areas. We care for our clients as if they were family, its so common for us to form close relationships with our clients. It is what sets up apart.

We are setting the standards in the industry every year for customer service, wildlife control methods and practices. Standards that have been adopted and followed by new and old companies like ours nationwide. Thank you for taking the time to read our introduction and as always feel free to browse our website, shoot us a email, give us a call or send us a smoke signal. Cory is never far away and will help you with your situation be it advice or hiring us to take a expert look and approach so you don’t have to! We’re always here looking forward to hearing from you!

-Nashville Wildlife LLC

Bird Removal Bird Control Murfreesboro Smyrna Nashville TNBird Removal & Pest Bird Control of Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, Bellvue & Spring Hill  TN are experts in dealing with pest birds and know how to properly evict birds and exclude pest birds from vents, attics, walls, bridges, gutters and roofs. With countless hours of bird removal, bird bio-hazard cleanup & bird control or prevention training, on job experience and certifications for use of products and bird control methods to control birds in vents, attics, airports, golf courses, chimneys and other areas where birds have became a nuisance that many other companies cant match! We know the hazards and damages that can be caused by nuisance birds and how to prevent these from re-occurring in the future.

Nashville Wildlife Management’s Bird Control Service offers  bird removal, bird damage repair and bird exclusion services with warranties that are superior to other foul control services in Nolensville, La Vergne TN, Donelson, Antioch & Nashville TN!

 Bird-B-Gone Installers of Franklin, Brentwood and other Williamson County areas.

Our Bird Removal Co. is just one of few Bird-B-Gone Authorized Installers in the Middle Tennessee area. This means we’re able to handle any bird removal call that comes our way. Doesn’t matter if its a small bird problem in your dryer exhaust vents or a whole flock of birds you wan’t excluded from your business property. No bird job is to small and no bird control problem is to large for your local wildlife management firm! We know our feathery pest habits and bird biology like no other. As pest bird removal pro’s we are equipped with the bird removal knowledge, tools and bird control methods to prevent flying nuisances from nesting and causing damage to property. If you have birds in your dryer vents, attics, gutters, walls, roof tops, bathroom vents, chimneys, bridges  and warehouses and need Bird Removal & Pest Bird Control Murfreesboro Smyrna & Nashville TN call us today!

Call Today! (615) 351-8134

Squirrel Removal Nashville Squirrel Exterminator Brentwood Squirrel Trapping Service Smyrna Murfreesboro

For the VERY BEST in Squirrel Removal & Control Nolensville, La Vergne TN, Donelson, Antioch, Nashville TN call the the affordable experts at Nashville Wildlife. Catching and relocating pest squirrels from attics, crawlspaces, walls, roofs,  can be a pain for the average homeowner. Calls for abatement of ground & flying squirrel in the Nolensville, La Vergne TN, Donelson, Antioch or Nashville, TN area often come from residents who have already tried to prevent squirrel entry into the attic or remove squirrel from the attic space.  They usually say they have had enough of climbing up a ladder searching for squirrel entry points, sealing the entry points only to hear the squirrels in the attic that night. Well tell them to not lose anymore sleep because we know just what to do to remove the squirrels from the location they are causing problems and exclude squirrels from that location as well. Squirrels will chew or gain entry into attics, wall, vents and other  chimney, and siding of your Nashville area Home. For effective pest squirrel extermination & control call your squirrel removal & prevention experts of Nolensville, La Vergne TN, Donelson, Antioch & Nashville TN today!

The Snake Removal People

Need Snake Control & Snake Removal in Murfreesboro Smyrna La Vergne, TN or surrounding area? You are in the rightr place. We are the folks to call in the event you need a snake or snakes removed from in or under your house, crawlspace, basement, lawn, attics, barn or warehouse. We offer competitively priced snake removal for Murfreesboro, Smyrna TN,  La Vergne, Nolensville, Antioch, Mt Juliet, Lebanon, Gallatin & the rest of The Greater Nashville area also. We offer 24/7 emergency snake removal as well as trapping and control methods that work around the clock to help control & prevent snakes quickly. We use advanced snake prevention techniques such as snake repellent’s, snake fencing, snake traps, and for our residential and commercial customers in search of professional snake removal & snake control Murfreesboro Smyrna Nashville, TN.

Snake Control Company Murfreesboro, Smyrna, La Vergne & Nashville TN is your #1 Pest Snake Removal Trapping Service.

We are Nashville Tennessee’s favorite permitted snake removal company. Experienced & equipped to effectively locate and remove your snake infestation in Smyrna & Murfreesboro TN. We have several techniques in our arsenal rid your basement, house, garage patio free of pest snakes in Williamson County and Surrounding areas in the Middle Tennessee Area. You may have a rattle snake den in need of removal in Nashville, garter snake exterminator in Smyrna, TN to remove a snake infestation, Percy Priest Lake cotton mouth exterminator and control or a copperhead snake infestation under your Franklin home, deck, patio, shed or any other secure location that Middle Tennessee snakes need to feel safe. You can reach your local snake removal & snake control Murfreesboro Smyrna Nashville, TN 24/7 (615) 351-8134.

Mole Removal Damage Solutions Nolensville, La Vergne TN, Donelson, Antioch & Nashville TN

Mole Removal  Nolensville, La Vergne TN, Donelson, Antioch & Nashville TN

Need mole removal/control Nolensville, La Vergne TN, Donelson, Antioch & Nashville TN  because you are sick and tired of seeing pest mole damage in your yard or other areas of your property? Perhaps you are having a trouble finding or knowing “who removes yard or lawn moles?” that are destroying your lawn with mounds and tunnels? Now you can get well and rest assured! We offer mole abatement services to   mole removal. Our mole trapping services typically yield result within just a few days of setting a mole control Nolensville, La Vergne TN, Donelson, Antioch & Nashville TN  job.



Nolensville, La Vergne TN, Donelson, Antioch & Nashville TN

We actually physically trap and remove pest yard moles from your lawn not chase them around your yard. We don’t spray magical fake grub mole products or use chemicals in any way during our yard mole removal service . Why have we labeled these mole removal products as fake or gimmicky? Just visit our Mole Removal Page to find out some of the reasons or simply give us a call. We’d be happy to speak with you about your mole problem and mole abatement products out there that “control” or “rid your yard of mole”. Our mole trapping methods are safe and extremely effectiveWe only use traps that work for mole removal Nolensville, La Vergne TN, Donelson, Antioch & Nashville TN and are virtually invisible. We do use flags for our mole traps so that you actually know where they are. We offer our services for residential and commercial properties who are fed up with seeing their lawn, garden, flowerbeds or other locations utterly destroyed by mole mounds and tunnels. 

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