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Let Mole Removal & Mole Control of Nolensville, La Vergne TN, Donelson, Antioch & Nashville TN come to your property today and get rid pest moles and their unsightly damage gone now! Your local uniquely skilled and qualified mole removal professionals can end your mole tunnel and mole mound damage for good with zero poisons or gimmicky products that simply don’t work for mole removal. Nolensville, La Vergne TN, Donelson, Antioch, TN residents use Nashville Mole Removal services because we simply get the moles gone!

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The species of mole we get calls to remove for in our area is The Eastern Mole. This species of mole has soft  grey velvet like fur, the mole has small yellowish eyes that are covered over by its fur and only serves the purpose of distinguishing between light and dark. The mole has a tiny tail used as a guide for backing up inside of its tunnels when it hits something hard, comes to close to a light source or senses a predator. The common mole has  a elongated elephant like probosces or nose. With tiny back feet and  larger paddle like front feet equipped with some long claws make it easy for this Eastern Mole to locate its food source and cause lawn damage up to 15-20 feet per hour doing so! The Eastern Mole feeds on grub worms, earth worms, other insects and some vegetation. Simply put the mole is very well equipped to dig and cause grief for our Nashville and Franklin area residence.


Mole Extermination Nolensville La Vergne, TN

Mole Removal Nashville Residential Clients can typically expect to notice a reduction in mole activity/damage in their yard or property within the first few days of our mole trapping & control service. Nolensville Pest  Mole Exterminator Service La Vergne, TN knows how to dramatically reduce, control & eliminate moles out of your garden or flowerbed with Brentwood Mole Deterrents, Trapping & Control.

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