Diseases found in raccoon and raccoon feces and urine.

Raccoon Disease & Bacteria Found In Raccoon and Their Feces and Urine

Even if you THINK you may have a raccoon problem, raccoon in your house or  have seen an Raccoon on your property often, you should always call a Licensed and Skilled Nashville, Smyrna or Murfreesboro Raccoon Removal Company to come out and give you an inspection. Always make sure to see PHOTOS of their inspection also!

Why? Because raccoon are a rabies vector animal that not only can carry rabies but carry other pathogens such as  leptospirosislisteriosistetanus, and tularemia.  They also are host to what is known as raccoon roundworm. This can be passed onto your pets, your family including children. Children often pick up raccoon roundworm by playing in their own back yard!  So please do not hesitate or delay calling a local raccoon removal professional if you have seen a raccoon on your property in Brentwood, Franklin or Nashville, TN.

We offer raccoon removal and raccoon feces & urine removal and disinfection services to all of the Nashville, Smyrna and Murfreesboro areas. This is not a scare tactic we just know how important raccoon removal is to the health of you and your family.

It’s not uncommon for a adult or child to go to the hospital with raccoon related illnesses.

(Raccoon poop, pee, feces or urine also hold many of the harmful bacteria and parasites such as “Raccoon Round Worms”.)

The Roundworm Life Cycle


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