Dead Animal & Skunk Odor Control – Murfreesboro, Smyrna, La Vergne, TN areas.

Need a odor control company who specializes in animal related odors in your Murfreesboro, Smyrna, La Vergne or Nashville TN home or commercial property? Many times during a dead animal removal or skunk removal service we offer our customers a discount on our odor control treatment for skunk odor or dead animal odor removal in Murfreesboro, Smyrna TN,  La Vergne, Nolensville, Antioch, Mt Juliet, Lebanon, Gallatin & the rest of The Greater Nashville area. But sometimes we get calls for odor control where the source of the odor has been removed but the dead animal or skunk but the odor still lingers and remains in the home. We use special high strength solutions and techniques when it comes to your rotten, foul, disgusting, embarrassing, smells, odors and stenches!

Skunk Odors occur often when a skunk is startled it will spray its smelly defense mechanism all over the place or during skunk mating season when two competing males go at it.This yellowish spray sticks to anything & everything it comes in contact with and can last for a long time if not treated properly. The actual concentrated point of contact of the skunk odor compound can determine exactly what needs to be done to help get the skunk odor under control.

Dead animals and dead animals smells in and around the property can have numerous causes. Some causes that can attribute to the majority of our dead animal removal calls where a animal odor appears to be coming from the wall, attic, crawlspace, ceiling areas.  Trapping/poisoning rodents that have died, or a dead raccoon, squirrel, skunk or opossum odor that has inadvertently been trapped inside a confined space. From time to time animals will also find their way into your attic, under your home to seek safety and refuge after being injured or becoming ill.found your home or commercial building.  All of these are common scenarios when we receive complaints of a foul dead animal odor coming from attic, walls, chimney, crawlspaces etc.


Well this Nashville, TN area company knows affordable odor control! From a smelly skunk stench in Franklin, TN, dead animal odors coming from under a house in Brentwood, TN

to larger jobs like deodorization of the whole house before/after its being rented.

We offer our Nashville – Franklin – Brentwood & Surrounding cities with a affordable removal of dead animal, skunk odor, cigarette odor, musty smells and just about any other type of stinky smells you encounter!


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